Bitcoin analyst Scott Minerd dies

He ran Guggenheim Partners And we will remember the extreme forecasts Scott Minerd, chief investment officer of Guggenheim Partners, has passed away. The 63-year-old was a leading Wall Street financier. He passed away due to a heart attack. Minerd was notable for his love for extreme bitcoin price predictions.. He often changed his estimates, which greatly amused the crypto community. The investor also regularly appeared on local television with a review of financial news. Colleagues even called him a “Guggenheim speaker”. And considered their mentor. “Scott became a key innovator and thought leader. Under his leadership, Guggenheim Investments has grown into a global business and remains so to this day, ”Mark Walter, CEO of the company, comments on the death of a colleague. Note that in the field of TradFi, there are rarely experts who are ready to risk bitcoin rate forecasts.. This market needs to be analyzed differently than traditional stock or commodity markets. Therefore, analytics from classic traders, as a rule, come true with varying degrees of success. Recall some of Minerd's predictions. In December 2020, when BTC was worth about $20,000, he expected the cryptocurrency to rise to $400,000.. As we remember, bitcoin rose, but only to $40,000 in January 2021 and reached its ATH of $69,000 by the end of last year. Minerd commented on the FTX story last week. He expects the crypto crisis and bankruptcies to continue as there has been a lot of speculation in the area.