Blockchain and Yoga Gurus Discuss the Role of Technology and Spirituality

  • Blockchain guru and yoga guru philosophize about the eternal
  • The world of technology and spirituality have something in common

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin chatted online with famed Indian guru Sadhguru. The topic of the discourse was the technical process. And also humanity’s endless quest for knowledge and improvement.

Sadhguru noted that humans are the highest level of technology.

“Technology is not just something that people shape, it is an extension of our consciousness..

As the level of consciousness increases, technology automatically pulls up behind it.”

Booterin has his own take on these things. He agrees that man should be the crown of creation. But blockchain is becoming an important enabling technology.

It connects people from different cultures, allows them to coordinate their actions and gain independence.

In the end, according to Vitalik, blockchain can change human consciousness:

“The essence of blockchain is the coordination and interaction between people and each other..

Blockchain connects different groups of people and builds trust between them, which makes it easier to collaborate over long distances in a wide variety of projects.”

And Sadhguru replied that it’s much more important how people use their intelligence. This is where the importance of identity comes in.

Both philosophers agreed on this point. Buterin also noted that identity will be the defining concept of the future. And this is the common link that unites both blockchain and the philosophy of spirituality.