BNB Price Soars to 2-Year High as Binance Starts Recovering Lost Momentum

BNB Token Price Skyrockets as Binance Recovers Lost Momentum

The BNB token, native to the BNB Chain, has surged to a two-year high in the midst of a broader rally in the cryptocurrency market. Binance, the leading cryptocurrency exchange, has experienced a decline in momentum over the past few months but is now showing signs of recovery.

Over the past week, BNB has seen a price increase of over 17.7%, and it has risen by more than 50% since the beginning of the year. This growth comes despite recent challenges faced by Binance and the decentralized finance sector it operates in.

According to CCData’s latest Exchange Review report, Binance remains the largest cryptocurrency exchange even during the bear market. In January, it recorded a spot trading volume of $437 billion, representing a 2.73% rise and securing a market share of 31.3%.

While Binance continues to dominate derivatives trading volumes with a 46.3% market share, the report indicates that it has lost market share in both spot and derivatives trading.

A spokesperson for Binance stated that its international exchange recently achieved its highest trading volume in six months, suggesting a recovery in progress.

Binance has faced challenges in various sectors in recent months, including the detainment of two senior executives in Nigeria and a significant lawsuit from the Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States. Despite these setbacks, the exchange remains proactive, launching initiatives like the “CRYPTO” fragrance to encourage women’s involvement in the cryptocurrency industry.

It should be noted that the success of BNB goes beyond Binance’s support. In the decentralized finance realm, the BNB Chain has experienced a surge in total value locked, with an increase of over 44% in the past month, as reported by DeFiLlama.

Although the total value locked in BNB terms has dropped by approximately 3.3% since the beginning of the year, the growth of the digital assets in its protocols demonstrates the potential of the BNB Chain.

As Binance starts to regain its momentum, the BNB token’s price surge indicates renewed confidence in the platform and its underlying blockchain technology.

Image Source: Unsplash.