Celo developers proposed launching an L2 network based on OP Stack

  • The cLabs team has chosen a technology provider for the L2 network.
  • Developers have suggested implementing a second-level solution using Optimism’s OP Stack.
  • The launch of a test version of the L2 protocol is scheduled for the summer of 2024.

cLabs, the team behind the Celo project, has initiated the development of a second-layer network utilizing Optimism’s OP Stack technology stack.

The proposal to migrate to the OP Stack software package was announced on April 22, 2024. On the same day, four years ago, cLabs introduced the first-level Celo network. The Celo network is known for being carbon-neutral and mobile-focused.

The decision to adopt the OP Stack technology comes after months of studying various scaling solutions, including Arbitrum Orbit, zkSync’s ZK Stack, and Polygon CDK. According to preliminary information, the deployment of the Celo second-level test network is expected to occur in the summer of 2024, subject to community voting.

In their proposal, cLabs mentioned that transitioning Celo to L2 based on the OP Stack would maintain the network’s distinctive features while enhancing its performance.

The proposed improvements include a 50% increase in throughput and a reduction in block processing time from 5 to 2 seconds.

It is worth noting that the launch of the second level network was previously postponed to 2024 in the fall of 2023. Additionally, we reported that Tether had introduced the USDT stablecoin on the Celo network.