China's Ministry of Information: The number of fraudulent applications for the digital yuan is growing

China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has issued an official warning about the emergence of counterfeit mobile applications for digital yuan (e-CNY) transactions.

For example, an app called Digital Yuan Test Version, which offers various activities and downloads to users, has a logo similar to that of the official e-CNY app and a slightly modified user interface.

MIIT complains that scammers are actively using social engineering tools. They simulate legal compliance by asking you to fill out a detailed form with personal information before downloading a fake app, supposedly to “check regulatory compliance.”

After users download fake apps to their devices, scammers send notifications that by depositing a certain amount of money, citizens can become participants in the “fair distribution of national wealth” program and high-yield savings schemes. If people give scammers their personal information, they lose money.

As an effective measure to counter fraudsters, MIIT suggests paying attention to the application address in the browser line. For example, the address of the official e-CNY application looks like While the address of Digital Yuan Test Version excludes is com.ecny.ecny2.

Earlier, the Shanghai branch of the Bank of China announced the first successful cross-border transactions using the digital yuan. We are talking about transactions with precious metals on the Shanghai Gold Exchange.