CoinDCX partners with Mesh to streamline crypto transactions for users

CoinDCX, a prominent crypto exchange in India, has teamed up with Mesh, a finance solutions company based in the US, to enhance the efficiency of digital asset transfers and management for its users. Through this partnership, CoinDCX users will be able to seamlessly transfer assets between centralized exchange accounts and decentralized finance (defi) wallets directly on the platform. This feature simplifies the process of digital asset deposits, ensuring secure and straightforward transactions without having to leave the CoinDCX environment. The integration with Mesh has been hailed as a game-changer for CoinDCX, streamlining the complexities of the crypto industry and enhancing the platform’s usability. Mesh, established in 2020, aims to create an interconnected and secure financial ecosystem by facilitating various financial activities, including digital asset transfers, crypto payments, account aggregation, and trading through a single platform. This collaboration with CoinDCX marks Mesh’s entry into the Indian market and presents an opportunity to streamline digital asset management in a crucial and dynamic market. The growing demand for cryptocurrency exchanges and the significant rise in trading volumes in India have likely driven this partnership. CoinDCX experienced a fivefold increase in trading volumes within a month, reaching approximately $25 million by the end of February, which the co-founder attributed to the upward trajectory of Bitcoin prices.