Crypto investors are cautiously optimistic ahead of 2023

Largest number of investors in NigeriaItalians are skeptical about cryptocurrencies2022 was the year when crypto assets reached a new level. BTC has fallen almost 80% from its high of $69,000 and there are fewer players in the market. conducted a survey among users that focused on the use of cryptocurrencies and moods ahead of the holiday season and the new year. 40,000 people from all over the world have optimistic moods. Despite the bear market this year, 40% of respondents have bought cryptocurrency and say they will do so next year. This indicates that investors take into account all the risks and make informed decisions.. 40% of people said that cryptocurrencies will be a topic of discussion at the holiday table. This is a clear sign that digital assets have become mainstream. Survey results by country: 44% of US users bought cryptocurrency in 2022, and 40% plan to buy it next; In Ghana, as well as in the United States, 44% bought crypto assets in this 2020, 60% will do so next; Nigeria has the largest contingent, 50% of Nigerians have purchased cryptocurrency this year, 46% plan to buy next year, and 46% also plan to discuss at the holiday table; Brazil is ambiguous on this issue, opinions are divided in a 50/50 ratio; Germany is still categorical, 34% of Germans have purchased cryptocurrency this year, and 30% plan to do so next year; Italians are skeptical, only 31% have purchased cryptocurrency this year, 29% plan to buy next year ;