Best Cryptocurrency with Bullish Pattern to Buy in December 2023

Best Cryptocurrency with Bullish Pattern to Buy in December 2023

December has ushered in a robust bullish wave across the cryptocurrency landscape, with a majority of major digital currencies riding the upswing bolstered by Bitcoin price recovery. This article delves into a select group of tokens that have not only paralleled the general market uplift but have also exhibited exceptional growth, solidifying their positions as key players in sustaining the ongoing bullish momentum.

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Ordinals Price Analysis: Can $45 Support Resume the Recovery Trend

Ordinals Price Analysis| TradingView Chart

Amid the broader market bullishness, the Bitcoin Ordinal has been one of the peak performers showcasing a jump from $19 to $69.8 to register 265% growth. However, the price has since undergone a retracement from the above pick to settle at $48.7 support.

This pullback aligns with the 50% Fibonacci retracement level, a movement often deemed beneficial for the vitality of long-term rallies. This suggests a strong potential for the price to bounce back.

If the ORDI price can maintain stability above the critical $44.5-$45 threshold, there’s a high probability of it breaching the $70 mark again, paving the way for an even higher recovery.

Helium Price Analysis: Cup & Handle Pattern Sets Rally to $10.8

Helium Price Analysis| TradingView Chart

The Helium coin (HNT) has also been on a significant uptrend, beginning its ascent from $1.49 in early November and achieving a staggering 298% increase, peaking at $5.93. This rally, fueled by the prevailing bullish market sentiment, has been further bolstered by the formation of a ‘cup and handle’ pattern – a renowned bullish reversal indicator.

Currently, the Helium price is trading at $4.5, experiencing a slight 1.5% intraday loss, signifying the development of the handle portion of the pattern. A strong rebound is likely if the coin finds solid support at either the $4.185 or $3.68 levels – which correspond to the 38.2% and 50% Fibonacci retracement levels, respectively.

This could lead to a retest of the pattern’s neckline resistance around $6. A successful bullish breakout from this resistance would not only confirm a trend reversal but could also propel the price by 78%, potentially reaching as high as $10.8.

Terra Classic Price Analysis: Can LUNC Regain $0.3 Mark?

Terra Classic Price Analysis TradingView Chart

The fast-recovering Terra Classic coin price experienced a sharp downturn from its $0.00028 high. Over just five days, its value plummeted by 29.5% to the current trading price of $0.00020.

This correction has brought the coin to the 38.2% Fibonacci retracement level, at $0.000198. While such a pullback is often considered a healthy retracement for long-term rallies, the coin’s future hinges on its ability to hold above the $0.0002 support.

A strong foothold above this level could enable buyers to push the price upward, potentially surpassing the $0.00028 swing high. A breakout above this point would be a strong indicator of the bullish trend’s continuation.