Cryptolobby in the U.S. demands the lifting of sanctions on Tornado Cash

  • Blockchain Association and DeFi Education Foundation Supports Coin Center’s Lawsuit Against OFAC
  • The organization believes the agency’s blocking of the service is unlawful
  • Any injunctions should apply exclusively to those who use the mixer for criminal purposes

Blockchain Association and DeFi Education Foundation have filed an amicus curiae in support of Coin Center’s suit against OFAC. Recall that the organization went to court last October because it believes the mixer ban is illegal.

Lobbyists filed a joint brief with the court on June 2.. Note, amicus curiae translates to “friend of the court” and means a filing by a person who is not a party to the process but has important information about the subject matter of the dispute.</nbsp;

In the October 2022 suit, Coin Center alleges that OFAC exceeded its authority in the Tornado Cash case. Allegedly the mixer is not a person or entity, so the agency has no right to restrict it.

“It is very important that the court recognize, Tornado Cash is just a tool.. Banning the mixer just because it can be used by abusers goes against the values this country was built on.”</nbsp;

The organization also stressed that any OFAC regulatory action should be solely against abusers, not the service as a whole.</nbsp;

It’s interesting that the Treasury Department won another case in a similar suit. We wrote about it in a separate article. At the time, the agency said that holders of TORN, the mixer’s native token, were no better than terrorists.