Italian fashion house Prada announces the release of a new collection of Timecapsule NFT

The luxury brand releases the ninth collection of non-fungible series tokens. The collection is called Interferenza Ottica Art Print by Enzo Ragazzini 1975.

This is the 38th physical collection of Timecapsule and the second NFT in a series of three T-shirts with special prints from the archive of Italian photographer Enzo Ragazzini. The work that inspired the creators of the next NFT series was created in the 70s on the occasion of the exhibition of the artist Enzo Ragazzini at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London (ICA), where the author applied the technique of optical interference using mechanical devices of his own invention.

Each new NFT will have its physical sample – a unique Prada shirt, which can be obtained simultaneously with the token. In addition, Timecapsule series NFT owners have access to the exclusive Prada Crypted NFT community.. Participants will be invited to events such as fashion shows and will also have access to future collectible token offerings from Prada.

The previous 100 NFT Timecapsule collection was released in mid-2022 in a Prada collaboration with Cassius Hirst and artist Damien Hirst's son.