Layer 2 zkSync Token Airdrop May Be Launched Tomorrow

Layer 2 zkSync Token Airdrop Set to Launch Soon


  • zkSync has announced a pre-game event that is speculated to be related to an upcoming token airdrop.
  • Polyhedra Network has raised concerns over zkSync’s choice of ticker symbol for the airdropped token.
  • zkSync has released the v24 upgrade, enhancing security and functionality for its Ethereum Layer 2 solution.

zkSync, the Ethereum Layer 2 network, has stirred excitement within its community with the announcement of a pre-game event, which is believed to be connected to the anticipated zkSync token airdrop.
The zkSync Token Airdrop Generating Enthusiasm

The announcement on platform X has urged users to stay updated by enabling notifications and following the community account ZK Nation, dedicated to the development and protection of the zkSync protocol. The pre-game event is scheduled to commence tomorrow, but specific details remain undisclosed, leaving the community eagerly waiting for more information.

The community’s enthusiasm for the zkSync token airdrop has been palpable. The airdrop, expected to be officially announced this month, will introduce a total supply of 21 billion tokens. However, a controversy has emerged concerning the choice of ticker symbol for the token.

Concerns Arise Over zkSync’s Token Ticker

zkSync has proposed using the ticker ‘ZK,’ but this clashes with Polyhedra Network, which has also claimed the symbol. Despite this issue, zkSync may still proceed with the ZK ticker, as Binance has yet to list Polyhedra’s token.

Influential figures in the ZK proof ecosystem, including Shafi Goldwasser, Silvio Micali, Sandeep Nailwal, Brendan Farmer, and Eli Ben-Sasson, have collectively expressed displeasure with zkSync’s intent to use the ZK ticker. As a result of extensive discussions, Matter Labs, the company behind zkSync, has decided to withdraw all trademark applications for the term ‘ZK.’

Meanwhile, zkSync has recently completed the v24 upgrade of its zkSync Era software on the mainnet. This latest release incorporates various improvements aimed at enhancing security and functionality for the Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution.

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