Marketplace NFT SuperRare cuts 30% of staff

NFT SuperRare CEO John Crane said that during the rise of the NFT market, too many employees were hired and it was not able to support them. In a Twitter statement, John Crain noted that the company was experiencing explosive growth when the NFT market was booming.. At that time, in order to provide quality user service, staff was hired, the number of which became redundant against the backdrop of a prolonged crypto winter. “During the recent bull run, we grew with the market. In recent months, it has become clear that this aggressive growth was unsustainable.. We have hired too many people and I take full responsibility for this mistake,” Crane wrote. He said the 30% reduction in staff would help the company reduce operating costs, “size fit” and ensure that SuperRare can continue to serve the artist and collector communities. In the context of the turbulence of the cryptocurrency market, many companies in the digital industry have been forced to reduce their staff in order to stay afloat.. So, in July last year, OpenSea CEO Devin Finzer (Devin Finzer) said that the company needs to adapt to current market conditions, and therefore it fires 20% of its staff.