MetaMask Announces Fix For Major Transaction Bug

MetaMask Announces Fix For Major Transaction Bug

MetaMask has fixed a bug that prevented user transactions from going through on mobile devices.

Popular Web3 wallet provider MetaMask has brought users’ attention to a major bug that primarily affected its mobile application. The bug prevented transactions from executing as expected and impacted users on different blockchains.

The company did not disclose full details about the bug. However, it outlined criteria for users to confirm if they have been affected. Notably, affected users usually find that their Metamask mobile application displays an old transaction that looks like it had just been submitted. In other cases, the transaction may no longer be visible and also never appear as “Sent” on blockchain explorers such as Etherscan.

MetaMask urged affected users to contact its customer support team for any help related to the bug. Meanwhile, the wallet provider has already shipped a new version to address the bug that appeared in Metamask mobile V 7.9.0.

Users can download the updated MetaMask V 7.10.0 mobile client to avoid recurring cases of failed transactions. Generally, such an update is also recommended for maximum security against any threats that the now-fixed bug may have introduced to Metamask mobile.

🛠️ About the bug: some transactions by a limited number of users who use MM mobile v7.9.0 may not execute as expected.

This can occur on different chains. Good news: the bug is now fixed! Not sure if you’ve been impacted? Please read on 🧵👇

— MetaMask 🦊🫰 (@MetaMask) November 14, 2023

MetaMask Beefs Up User Security

The latest warning from MetaMask comes at a time when the wallet provider has taken newer measures to beef up its security. Such an approach is especially vital, with MetaMask being one of the most widely used crypto applications. MetaMask reports over 30 million active monthly users, with over ten million downloads for its mobile app.

In October, MetaMask introduced a new phishing alert feature on its desktop extension. This feature protects users from the numerous phishing websites that steal funds when they connect their wallets and attempt to sign a transaction. As The Crypto Basic reported, the security alert feature was designed in collaboration with cybersecurity firm Blockaid and is expected to launch on mobile before the end of this month.