Microsoft has entered into a partnership with AI startup Mistral

  • Microsoft is expanding its presence in artificial intelligence technology.
  • The company entered into an agreement with AI firm Mistral, acquiring a stake in the startup.
  • Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.

Microsoft has entered into a partnership with French AI startup Mistral AI. The technology giant will provide support to bring to market artificial intelligence models developed by the firm.

Although Microsoft did not disclose financial details of the deal, its representatives said that the company acquired a minor stake in the startup. The firm will become the second provider of language models for the Azure cloud computing platform.

“Microsoft’s confidence in our model is a step forward in our journey to put cutting-edge artificial intelligence in the hands of everyone,” said Mistral AI co-founder and CEO Arthur Mensch.

The corporation is also one of the key investors in OpenAI. The tech giant has invested about $13 billion in the AI technology developer and also controls a 49% stake in the firm.

In November 2023, a copyright infringement lawsuit was filed against Microsoft and OpenAI.. Hollywood Reporter editor Julian Sancton said the companies violated the rights of non-fiction authors when training large language models.

In February 2024, it became known about the corporation’s intention to invest $2.1 billion in the development of AI infrastructure in Spain. This is not just about building data centers, but also promoting security and digital transformation in government.

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