Mythical Games files lawsuit against three former management members for breach of corporate secrecy

Mythical Games will sue a trio of their former executives They left the company in November of this year The firm says they stole groundwork to raise investment in their own startup On Thursday, Dec. 22, crypto unicorn Mythical Games filed a lawsuit in California Supreme Court against three former members of the top management. The company accuses them of revealing corporate secrets in order to attract investment in a third-party project. Three C-level managers appear in the lawsuit – Rudy Koch, Chris Koh and Matthew Nutt. All three left the company last month, after which they launched their own project called Fenix Games. Rudy Koch was the co-founder of Mythical Games, Chris Koh was senior vice president of strategy and investments, Matthew Nutt was chief operating officer. The firm accuses them of violating corporate secrecy. Mythical Games' Mythical Games lawsuit says the trio were involved in negotiations to raise funds for the company. The investor introduced them to representatives of Cypher Capital from the UAE. They had to convince the new partner to invest in the venture arm of Mythical Games. Instead, they took advantage of the company's developments to raise $150 million for their startup, Fenix Games. The plaintiff seeks not only compensation for illegally earned income, but also penalties for the defendant. The specific amount of claims Mythical Games has not been disclosed.Crypto unicornMythical Games received this status (a company with a valuation of over $1 billion) last year. Its latest funding round, also worth $150 million, was led by the a16z fund. Fenix Games is its direct competitor. If the court takes the side of the plaintiff, it will actually “put an end to” a promising startup.