PoP Planet announces plans to integrate Neo X

PoP Planet, a SocialFi communication dApp that enables users to curate communities and deploy digital assets, has made an exciting announcement about its plans to integrate Neo X. Originating from Japan, PoP Planet took to social media to share this collaboration with Neo.

PoP Planet’s primary objective is to incorporate blockchain technology to empower creators and key opinion leaders, allowing them to monetize their influence and manage communities effectively. Upon registration, users can create a profile using a phone number or a blockchain wallet. Each profile on PoP Planet is represented by a unique Profile NFT (Non-Fungible Token), enabling the tokenization of content and data through smart contracts.

The Profile NFTs implemented by PoP Planet adhere to the ERC-6551 NFT standard, which supports smart contract functionality. This makes these NFTs capable of owning assets, interact with dApps, and even serve as a form of on-chain identity. For instance, community creators on PoP Planet can utilize these Profile NFTs to distribute rewards among their community members.

Furthermore, Profile NFTs play a crucial role in constructing a social graph for owners and the communities they engage with. A social graph represents the connections and relationships between individuals, groups, or entities. Blockchain technology enhances the concept of social graphs by allowing individuals to own and control their data.

Once registered, users can create a “planet,” which functions as a chat room where owners can invite others to join and potentially distribute tokens or rewards to participants. Alongside its community-oriented features, PoP Planet also allows users to view other NFTs linked to their wallet and create unique tokens for airdrops to other users.

The PoP Planet collaboration with Neo is a result of Neo’s efforts to engage with blockchain companies, builders, and key opinion leaders throughout the 2023 APAC Hackathon tour. The tour aimed not only to attract projects but also to facilitate networking and business development, ultimately expanding Neo’s influence in the region. During the Tokyo leg of the tour in July 2023, the relationship between Neo and PoP Planet was established. Neo has also recently introduced the Neo Japan Community to cater to the Japanese-speaking market, providing information about the Neo ecosystem.

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