SOL, LINK, SOPH To Rally Significantly in Next Bull Run: Analyst

SOL, LINK, SOPH To Rally Significantly in Next Bull Run: Analyst

Nick, a renowned crypto analyst and Cheeky Crypto YouTube channel host, has identified three altcoins that would perform exceptionally well, in his opinion, in the upcoming bull run. In a recently uploaded video, Nick mentioned Solana (SOL), Chainlink (LINK), and SophiaVerse (SOPH) as the altcoins he expects to deliver substantial returns from an upside movement in the coming months.

While explaining his reasons for choosing those particular altcoins, the renowned crypto analyst noted that Solana has put in a “fantastic reversal.” Despite his reluctance towards the layer-1 blockchain protocol, Nick thinks Solana has established some decent impulsive structures on the chart.

According to the Cheeky Crypto host, the established structures could potentially take Solana to phenomenally high numbers. Nick projects a potential target of $7,500 for Solana in the upcoming bull run, even though he believes things could change in the future that may slow down the scalability-focused altcoin.

As a result, the analyst predicted a lower target of $2,000 for Solana, which traded at $59.88 at the time of writing, according to data from TradingView. However, he noted that a more realistic target for the layer-1 blockchain’s altcoin would be between the $600 and $700 range.

Chainlink is the next on Nick’s list of altcoins with the potential to rally substantially. According to the Cheeky Crypto host, Chainlink is showing signs of establishing a bottom. He explained that Chainlink has many integrations and is enhancing immutability in the blockchain industry. Nick considered Chainlink a critical component of the blockchain world from a fundamental standpoint.

Continuing his explanation, the analyst believes Chainlink will have more exposure, leading to increased adoption and a capital influx. Theoretically, Nick thinks Chainlink could climb to $2,300 in the coming months. However, from a more realistic perspective, he believes Chainlink could rise to between $200 and $400 in the next bull run. CoinMarketCap data showed that Chainlink traded for $15.106 at the time of writing.

Third on Nick’s list is SophiaVerse, an AI-focused blockchain token. It is an AI-based project that uses the SingularityNET AI, Sophia. According to the analyst, the project’s recent announcement of going into orbit with SpaceX would significantly support its future growth. He thinks the AI protocol’s token could potentially deliver from 100 to 1,000 times its return during the bull run. SOPH traded for $0.1168 at the time of writing.

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