Tanssi launches incentivized campaign for its Dancebox testnet

Tanssi Foundation’s “Let’s Forkin’ Dance” is a unique and exciting incentivized testnet campaign aimed at enhancing the Tanssi ecosystem. This campaign, which recently launched, is designed to increase community engagement and network activity leading up to the Tanssi Network’s official launch.

The Dancebox testnet, which has already seen over 700 appchain deployments, highlights the significant market adoption Tanssi has experienced. With the introduction of the “Let’s Forkin’ Dance” campaign, incentives are provided to general users, builders, and Block Producers, with top contributors receiving a portion of the Tanssi Network’s upcoming token supply.

Scheduled to begin on April 30, interested participants can sign up on the Tanssi website. The campaign marks a significant milestone for Tanssi, as it moves closer to launching its mainnet. By fostering a strong community of developers and users, Tanssi aims to streamline the deployment of application-specific blockchains and contribute to the advancement of web3 infrastructure.

Tanssi stands out as an infrastructure built on the Polkadot ecosystem, offering a simplified and expedited process for constructing application-specific blockchains. The project has garnered support from renowned investment funds including Arrington Capital, HashKey Capital, Fenbushi, Borderless, The Wormhole Cross-Chain Fund, KR1, YBB, SNZ Capital, and Scytale Digital. Additionally, Polkadot’s creator, Gavin Wood, is among the project’s backers, further solidifying its credibility and potential for success.