Terra Classic (LUNC) Projected to Stagnate for Four Years Before Tanking 100% by 2030

Terra Classic (LUNC) Projected to Stagnate for Four Years Before Tanking 100% by 2030

Terra Classic’s (LUNC) future appears uncertain, with predictions suggesting four-year stagnation followed by potential 100% devaluation by 2030.

In 2022, Terra Classic (LUNC), called Terra LUNA at the time, experienced an unprecedented 99.99% decline. At its peak, LUNA traded above $100.

As a result of the fiasco, LUNC transformed into a high-risk digital asset akin to numerous meme coins in the market after being a crypto gem during its prime.

Regardless of LUNC’s tarnished reputation, many LUNC community members remain optimistic about the digital asset, actively advocating for a potential comeback. They ponder a future where Terra Classic can reclaim its past glory.

Notably, the answers to the query preoccupying the community could be found through insights from AI tools. CoinCodex, a notable player in the AI-based prediction space, has offered specific price targets for LUNC in the coming years.

Per data from CoinCodex, the predictions for LUNC for the next seven years exhibit a mixed outlook.

LUNC Short-term Outlook

According to CoinCodex, LUNC may maintain its current value of $ 0.00007614 over the next five days, specifically a neutral 5-day projection.

Interestingly, the analytic platform anticipates a period of relative stability in the price of LUNA from 2024 to 2026. In particular, CoinCodex noted that LUNC will maintain a yearly high and low of $0.00007736 throughout 2024, 2025, and 2026.

LUNCs projected price up to 2030 | <span style=font weight 400>CoinCodex<span>

These projections paint a somewhat pessimistic picture for LUNC, considering the prolonged period of stagnation. Moreover, CoinCodex highlighted that 2027 would similarly see a yearly low of $0.00007736. In other words, LUNC could be in for a four-year stagnation around $0.00007736.

Meanwhile, LUNC enthusiasts can expect a significant shift in 2027, with LUNC potentially hitting a yearly high of $0.00008757.

LUNC Outlook for 2028 to 2030

As for the following year, 2028, CoinCodex projected a more turbulent outlook for LUNC. The analytic firm argued the digital asset could crash over 63% from $0.00008757 to trade at $0.00003169.

Looking ahead, LUNC is poised to experience a more significant devaluation, with additional zeros being introduced to its existing four decimal figures. CoinCodex stated that in contrast to the current price, Terra Classic could experience a loss of 100% by 2030.

<span style=font weight 400>CoinCodex argues 100 crash in LUNC by 2030<span>

Specifically, the analytic platform argued that LUNC could become worthless in 2030 with a potential yearly low of $0.0000000005525 and a high of $0.000000003168.

These projections suggest a potentially challenging period for the token, marked by substantial fluctuations in its value.