Terra co-founder Do Kwon successfully challenged extradition from Montenegro for the second time

The panel of the Court of Appeal of Montenegro upheld the appeal against the previous ruling, which stated that the former co-founder of Terraform Labs would be extradited to either the United States or South Korea.

Do Kwon’s legal team successfully challenged the verdict of the Podgorica High Court on December 29, 2023, and the case has been sent back to the lower court for a retrial.

The Court of Appeal panel concluded that the earlier ruling by the Podgorica High Court was marred by significant violations of criminal procedure provisions. The decision lacked clarity regarding the basis for the extradition order.

Moreover, the trial court failed to consider that this specific case falls under an expedited extradition procedure. According to Article 29 of the International Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Act, the court is responsible for making the decision rather than the Minister of Justice.

It was previously reported that the former CFO of Terraform Labs, Han Chang-Joon, had already been extradited to South Korea by the authorities in Montenegro.