Thai Financial Regulator to Launch Cryptocurrency Training Courses

The Thai Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has announced the launch of a “Crypto Academy” that will offer free online courses on digital assets for investors. The SEC wants people to get deeper knowledge about blockchain and cryptocurrencies before investing. The initiative is designed to reduce the burden on the commission officials themselves, since investors may become competent to work with the crypto industry. Now the academy offers four courses, which include basic classes on the topic of what is blockchain, the crypto market and what the basic concepts mean.. Next comes the training on the key features of digital currencies: what is decentralization and what technologies are behind it. The courses include the history of the crypto industry – investors will be told about the main events in the market in the past and present, including the history of changes in the value of bitcoin with an explanation of the reasons. It is reported that after completing the courses, investors will be able to test their knowledge and receive a certificate that will indicate whether the entrepreneur is ready to start working with the crypto industry. The largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance is trying to launch training courses on cryptocurrencies in various regions of its presence.. For example, the trading platform recently announced a similar launch in cooperation with the authorities of Kazakhstan.