The expert predicted the “explosive growth” of Web3 games thanks to AI

  • Atlas CEO Ben James appeared on The Agenda podcast.
  • He talked about the potential use of AI in Web3 game development.
  • According to James, generative artificial intelligence simplifies the creation of in-game items and speeds up development.

Generative AI will help studios with limited budgets create games for Web3. Ben James, CEO of Atlas, came to this conclusion.

In one of the latest The Agenda podcasts, James said that initially the idea of introducing blockchain into computer games was severely criticized. Many studios viewed it as an attempt to monetize the product rather than improve its quality:

“Game developers didn't even want to talk about Web3. They wanted the player to have fun using the technology, be it blockchain or artificial intelligence.”

According to Atlas CEO, generative AI can help with the development and further development of Web3 games. He noted that this technology simplifies the creation of digital assets, such as weapons and various in-game items.

“Even if you have no experience creating content or knowledge of programming, AI can help you develop something unique,” he said.

As an example, Ben James cited the game studio Square Enix, which began using AI to increase productivity and speed of game development. According to him, the efficiency of some projects has increased 200 times. Both large game developers and small studios will benefit from increased productivity, says Atlas CEO.

The Agenda podcast contributor added that some developers see AI as a potential threat to job loss. However, such a scenario is unlikely, he said:

“AI will never be as creative as humans.”. Even if it learns to create game measures at high speed, artificial intelligence cannot do without human intervention.”

In July 2023, the Web3 games sector attracted $297 million in investments. We also reported on the Passport product from the developers of Immutable, which combines the functions of a Web3 wallet, authentication and game profile management.