The income of Bitcoin miners reached a historical high amid high commissions and the launch of Runes

  • On April 20, the daily income of miners reached $107.76 million.
  • This is a new all-time high.
  • According to the analyst, miner rewards per block still exceed 7 BTC due to high fees.
  • The latter was dictated by the launch of the Runes protocol.
  • The average commission on the network is still above $34.

On April 20, 2024, the daily income of Bitcoin miners reached an all-time high of $107.76 million, according to YCharts. This happened against the backdrop of high network fees associated with the launch of the Runes protocol.

Let us remind you that on April 20, a halving took place on the Bitcoin network.. At the same time, the Runes protocol was released, which is positioned by its developer, Casey Rodarmore, as an analogue of Ordinals.

The new standard caused a surge in activity on the network, which in turn led to an increase in the average fee per transaction. Immediately after the halving, it fluctuated between $91 and $112 or more.

Commissions are one of the sources of income for Bitcoin miners. As a result, the receipts of these counterparties did not decrease after the halving, as expected, but increased.

On April 20, the daily income of miners reached $107.76 million. This is the first time the indicator has reached such a high value. The previous maximum was recorded in April 2021:

. Источник: YCharts.” class=”wp-image-224351″ srcset=” 844w,×127.png 300w,×324.png 768w” sizes=”(max-width: 844px) 100vw, 844px”>Суточный доход биткоин-майнеров. Source: YCharts.Daily income of Bitcoin miners. Source: YCharts
Bitcoin BTC
24h Volume:

The situation was brought to the attention of a crypto trader under the pseudonym 300DollarMARA. According to his data, miners’ income per block remains at pre-halving levels despite the fact that the reward was reduced to 3.125 BTC:

Note that at the time of writing, the average transaction fee on the Bitcoin network has decreased to $34.8. This is a noticeable decrease, but the indicator is still higher than the pre-halving values:

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