The Next Portal? BlockGames Airdrop Farming Takes Over Crypto Twitter

The Rise of BlockGames: Airdrop Farming Dominates Crypto Twitter

BlockGames, a mobile-centric crypto gaming platform, is making waves with its BLOCK token airdrop farming campaign. Following in the footsteps of Portal, BlockGames aims to create a buzz and generate interest by incentivizing users to promote the platform on Twitter.

The BLOCK farming experience, dubbed “SocialFi,” allows users to connect their Twitter accounts to the BlockGames mobile app. By posting tweets that mention the platform’s account or include a specific hashtag, users earn points. These points will later be converted into tokens once the airdrop commences.

BlockGames wasted no time in garnering attention for their farming campaign. The company’s tweet announcing the initiative quickly gained millions of views and tens of thousands of interactions. Hoping to boost engagement, users are actively tweeting at each other, flooding Crypto Twitter timelines with posts related to BLOCK.

For those who witnessed Portal’s airdrop farming campaign in November and December, the current hype around BlockGames feels familiar. Portal’s Crystal Dash token launch on Ethereum was highly successful, reaching a market cap upwards of $561 million in just one day. The campaign’s success was partially fueled by a Binance Launchpool rewards program, where participants staked billions of dollars in hopes of securing tokens.

With BlockGames employing similar tactics, the question remains: will their airdrop farming approach yield the same results? Crypto enthusiasts and stakeholders eagerly await the outcome.

Edited by Ryan Ozawa.