The Number of Altcoins Listed on Binance Futures is Increasing! 22 More Altcoins Added to the List!

The Number of Altcoins Listed on Binance Futures Keeps Growing! 22 More Altcoins Added to the Roster!

Binance, the leading cryptocurrency exchange globally, made an exciting announcement recently, unveiling its novel prediction platform centered around altcoin listings.

In this regard, Binance introduced Futures NEXT, an innovative platform that empowers Binance Futures users to make predictions regarding altcoin listings.

Futures NEXT has expanded its altcoin offering by adding a batch of new altcoins, fostering anticipation for potential listings.

Accordingly, Binance Futures included new tokens for users to predict and vote on them.

These tokens encompass a wide range, including BabyDoge, BONE, DAO, AIDOGE, GF, APEX, HMX, 1CAT, BRISE, NAKA, POKT, RSS3, CETUS, MXC, XDC, APM, CQT, APX, SAVM, LOOKS, XPR, and CRU.

Users get to handpick the altcoins they believe will be listed from this selection. If these altcoins are successfully listed on Binance Futures, users will be rewarded as well.

It is worth noting that Binance previously emphasized that voting alone cannot guarantee a listing and that rewards will solely be granted to users with accurate predictions.

*Please note that this should not be construed as investment advice.