The Talus project attracted $3 million in investments

  • Cryptocurrency startup Talus Network has completed a $3 million investment round.
  • The team has received funding from Polychain Capital, WAGMI Ventures, Inception Capital and other funds.
  • The project aims to expand the capabilities of blockchain using AI.

Cryptocurrency startup Talus Network has completed its first round of funding. The project has attracted $3 million in investments led by Polychain Capital, Cointelegraph reports.

Other participants in the round included dao5, Hash3, TRGC, WAGMI Ventures and Inception Capital. The team also said that representatives from Nvidia, IBM, Blue7, Symbolic Capital and Render Network contributed to support the mission of sharing AI and blockchain.

Talus Network founder and CEO Mike Hanono commented on the capital influx:

“The success of our funding round is a testament to the tremendous work. We are on the path to democratizing artificial intelligence so that users can control what happens.”

Talus Network Strategy Director Ben Frigon added that blockchain and AI are among the most powerful technologies in the modern world. However, artificial intelligence is under the control of a few powerful players. The Talus team is committed to making AI accessible to everyone, Frigon said.

Talus Network is a blockchain platform focused on decentralization of artificial intelligence. It leverages the power of Move with a focus on security, speed, and advanced features for developers. By developing an ecosystem of “intelligent agents” for decentralized applications, Talus Network is creating a future in which technology empowers users in a fair and accessible way, according to a press release.

“We are pleased to lead Talus Network’s funding round. We look forward to seeing the Talus tools in practical use.. The network creates additional benefits for the development of Web3 across the board,” said Polychain Capital General Partner Luke Pearson.

Let us recall that in January 2024, the AI platform Doppel raised $14 million with the participation of a16z.