U.S. Authorities Seize $700 Million in Sam Bankman-Freed’s Assets

According to CNBC, the total amount of assets confiscated from the founder of the FTX exchange was almost $ 700 million.. At the same time, more than half of them are shares of the Robinhood service.

In addition to Robinhood shares, which are worth about $460 million, U.S. prosecutors managed to withdraw funds from Silvergate bank accounts in excess of $6 million.. About $50 million more was confiscated from Moonstone bank accounts. Funds were also withdrawn from accounts on the Binance exchange and the American division of the site, however, the value of these assets is unknown.

U.S. Attorney's Office Says Funds Used by Sam Bankman-Fried to Purchase Robinhood Shares Borrowed from FTX Customer Deposits. The former CEO of the site himself denies all allegations of misuse of funds.. Note that now the 55 million shares of Robinhood confiscated from Bankman-Fried are already worth $526 million.

Earlier it was reported that interim FTX managers were able to find $ 5 billion owned by the exchange. Moreover, according to the new management of the site, these are liquid assets that can be used to compensate for the losses of customers.