US Department of Justice investigates November FTX hack

The US Department of Justice intends to test the theory of blockchain experts, which claims that the hacker who hacked into the FTX exchange immediately after filing for bankruptcy was a company insider. The agency is investigating hundreds of millions of dollars worth of unauthorized cryptocurrency transactions on the bankrupt FTX crypto exchange.. On November 11, the site was subjected to some kind of attack – shortly after it filed for bankruptcy. Funds were withdrawn to other exchanges and converted into different digital currencies. Recently, US federal prosecutors were able to trace some of the assets and freeze them.. However, the amount of frozen funds is very small.. Analysts say $650 million was stolen, making the hack one of the biggest cyberattacks in 2022. However, the Justice Department is seeking about $372 million. The hacking investigation is separate from the fraud case against former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Freed.. Previously, blockchain experts put forward the theory that the hacker was a crypto exchange insider.. Investigators are currently testing this version. Earlier media reported that next week Sam Bankman-Fried will formally plead guilty to criminal charges of defrauding investors and embezzling client funds.