Visa Included Alchemy Pay in the List of Official Service Providers

Alchemy Pay service added as part of the Visa International Payment System Extension Program for Third Party Agents (TPA).

According to the processing company of the Visa system, Alchemy Pay will act as a “connecting gateway” between traditional finance and cryptocurrencies.. Now, through the Alchemy Pay service, transactions are processed to purchase cryptocurrency using fiat money.

Visa global network has about 4 billion users. According to company representatives, the integration of the Alchemy Pay service will greatly facilitate digital payments to customers, merchants, financial institutions, enterprises, strategic partners and government agencies.

According to the analytical agency TokenInsight, amid information about the inclusion of Alchemy Pay in the list of official Visa service providers, the price of the Alchemy Pay token ($ACH) increased by 41.39% and is trading at $0.013120.

Earlier, the Huobi cryptocurrency exchange announced that it had partnered with Visa to issue a co-branded Huobi Visa card, which the marketplace calls its main product for customers.