Vitalik Buterin Opposes US Surveillance Bill, Affirms The Role of Cryptocurrency in Upholding Freedom

Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, recently expressed his opposition to the reauthorization of a US surveillance bill. In a tweet, Buterin emphasized the importance of cryptocurrency in protecting the freedom and privacy of its users. He stated that crypto is not just about trading tokens, but also about upholding the values of freedom and privacy. Buterin’s statement came in light of the reauthorization of Section 702, a chief surveillance authority, which has raised concerns about potential infringements on privacy and civil liberties.

Elizabeth Goitein, a senior director at the Brennan Center, also condemned the reauthorization. She highlighted the tactics used to push the bill forward, including fearmongering, and expressed concerns about the expanded surveillance powers it grants the government. Goitein noted that this extension of surveillance authority allows the National Security Agency to access communication systems of businesses and individuals, enabling potential spying on political enemies, ideological opponents, and journalists.

Buterin proposed cryptocurrency as a solution to the infringement of financial privacy and freedom. He argued that crypto protects privacy and freedom, which are crucial in maintaining a fair and equitable financial system. With the approval of the bill by the Senate, citizens have raised concerns about the erosion of their rights and prominent figures, like Buterin, have voiced their opposition.