Wormfare announced the launch of rewarded activities

  • The Wormfare team has introduced a new activity.
  • By participating in the game through the mobile version of the Telegram bot, users can earn rewards with the ability to exchange them for in-game assets and WOFR tokens.

The Ukrainian team of GameFi-project Wormfare presented new game mechanics Slap Game. Representatives of the project said that they want to increase player engagement and provide them with the opportunity to receive rewards for their activity.

Rewards for players

The gameplay takes place in the mobile version of the Telegram bot. The player's task is to earn as many peaches as possible. In the future, participants will be given the opportunity to exchange the mined peaches for the WOFR token.

The team additionally announces the exchange rate on the project’s social networks (X, Telegram and Discord).

Game mechanics

After registration, the player is given 500 taps. Taps are restored once per second. In the Boost store you can purchase and upgrade improvements for peaches – the maximum number of taps, faster recovery and get more slaps for each tap.

The game also has free bonuses Floppy Fish and Full Energy, which appear once a day.

Additional rewards

Additional peaches can be obtained:

  • by inviting a friend to participate in the activity using a referral link;
  • uniting into Squads;
  • increasing the league level;
  • completing quests;
  • receiving rewards from partners.

There are two types of ratings in the game – Slappers (personal) and Squads (team), as well as 5 leagues – Common, Epic, Legendary, Mythic.

In February 2024, Wormfare entered into a partnership with Polygon Labs, officially becoming part of this ecosystem. According to the developers, this agreement will open up new opportunities for the project.

We previously reported on the launch of the WormFare campaign with $5,000 prize money, launched on the Zealy platform.