AhnLab specialists warned users about the phishing game Pokémon NFT

Korean cybersecurity experts from the company AhnLab spoke in detail about the Pokémon NFT program, which infects the devices of users of data theft software. AhnLab experts discovered that hackers are spreading this malware through spam and a phishing site disguised as the Pokémon NFT card game. When downloading a game, the user loses control over his computer, and attackers gain access to the data stored on the device. To do this, attackers use the NetSupport Remote Access Tool (RAT). NetSupport Manager is a management tool used by corporations and consumers to remotely interact with digital systems. Despite the fact that the developers of the tool created it without malicious intent, many hackers use the tool to spread malware, steal data, and extort money.. When users tried to play a card game pretending to be an NFT project, NetSupport RAT was installed on the device, disguised as a way to earn non-fungible tokens. AhnLab analysts have found that the Fauxkémon installation package creates hidden files related to NetSupport RAT on infected computers. This allows the malware to run even after the device is rebooted.. Given that the Pokemon theme continues to be popular among gamers and collectors, scammers are taking advantage of users' ignorance, so security experts recommend caution. Recall that the Pokémon Company International (TPCi) recently filed an Australian court request that KOTIOTA Studio not issue Pokémon-themed collectible tokens, as this is contrary to the interests of the developers.. The court granted the TPCi's motion.