Hackers hacked Kevin O’Leary’s Twitter account to distribute BTC and ETH

Hackers hacked into the Twitter account of venture capitalist and Shark Tank show host Kevin O'Leary and organized a free giveaway of 5,000 bitcoins and 15,000 ether on his behalf. On Thursday, December 29, the attackers published a message on Kevin O'Leary's official account that he allegedly made a lot of money on cryptocurrencies over the past few years and decided to give away BTC and ETH. In a series of tweets, the hackers claimed that O'Leary's account was not hacked and the giveaways were not fraudulent.. They stated that everyone, including residents of the United States, can take part in the distribution of cryptocurrencies. The tweets contained links that took users to a fake website.. The scammers may have reused a site that was set up for similar scams on behalf of Tesla and its CEO, Elon Musk.. The Tesla logo is placed at the top of the web pages, the name of this company is present in the domain name, and hackers on behalf of O'Leary thank Musk for sending a certain amount of bitcoins. A few hours after posting, these tweets were deleted.. It is not known whether there are victims of the actions of hackers. Fraudsters hiding behind companies, politicians and famous personalities have become especially active in various social networks.. In July 2020, a large number of Twitter accounts belonging to Apple, Google, Uber, former US President Barack Obama and current US President Joe Biden, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, rapper were hacked. Kanye West and investor Warren Buffett. Recall that O'Leary was recently criticized by the cryptocurrency community for defending the former CEO of the bankrupt FTX exchange Sam Bankman-Fried (Sam Bankman-Fried). O'Leary called him a “brilliant crypto trader” and expressed his willingness to support any of his ventures despite losing the $15 million O'Leary received from FTX.