Arkham Intelligence service was able to detect MicroStrategy crypto wallets

Researchers from Arkham Intelligence platforms revealed groundbreaking findings by successfully identifying a series of crypto addresses linked to MicroStrategy, a prominent American company known for its substantial Bitcoin holdings.

Arkham Intelligence’s team of experts achieved a remarkable feat by pinpointing approximately 98% of the crypto accounts associated with MicroStrategy, which reportedly holds around 186,000 BTC.

By accomplishing this feat, Arkham Intelligence has become the first analytics platform to publicly disclose the company addresses, thus allowing anyone to view MicroStrategy’s balance and transaction history.

According to Arkham’s research, Fidelity Custody safeguards 107,000 BTC, valued at roughly $5.6 billion, employing an omnibus model that commingles funds from various clients, including MicroStrategy and the Fidelity FBTC ETF. Additionally, a separate portion of funds totaling 79,000 BTC is secured in distinct wallets, including the Coinbase Prime institutional wallet balance.

Previously, MicroStrategy declared its Bitcoin reserves exceeded 190,000 BTC, valued at over $8.1 billion. In light of this achievement, co-founder and CEO Michael Saylor expressed his plans to rebrand the company and establish its prominence as a leading developer of innovative Bitcoin-related technologies.