FBI Confirms Lazarus Group’s Link to $100 Million Harmony One Bridge Hack

The Federal Bureau of Investigation said the massive Harmony One hack that took place in mid-2022 involved North Korean hackers from the Lazarus One and APT38 groups.

In a statement, FBI officials stressed that “during the investigation, they were able to confirm the participation of the Lazarus and APT38 groups in the hack.”. The hack was the result of a vulnerability in the Horizon One bridge that allowed attackers to make 11 transactions and steal $100 million worth of assets.

North Korean hackers began moving stolen funds earlier this month, according to the FBI.. Approximately $60 million of stolen assets were exchanged on Ethereum using the RAILGUN anonymization protocol. Some of the stolen funds were frozen thanks to the efforts of the Binance and Huobi exchanges.

“The FBI, the US Attorney’s Office and the US Department of Justice continue to work to identify and stop hacks, thefts and laundering of virtual currency by hackers from North Korea. These funds are used to support the program to create ballistic missiles and weapons of mass destruction, ”the law enforcement statement emphasizes.

Note that a possible connection between the hackers who hacked Harmony One was reported by Elliptic a few days after the event.