FTX alerts customers to new wave of extortion

More and more scammers are turning their attention to FTX crypto exchange customers as they want to take advantage of the vulnerable position in which the company finds itself.

Collapsed cryptocurrency exchange FTX has warned its customers about a wave of scams from third parties who are trying to steal money or account passwords.. The company said that scammers are trying to profit from the situation with the bankruptcy of the exchange.

FTX management has advised that its debtors and agents will never ask customers to pay fees or provide account passwords in connection with the recovery or alleged recovery of customer assets.. The company urged potential victims to contact the official FTX debtor email address to confirm the legitimacy of the subpoenas.

The U.S. Financial Regulatory Authority has previously warned that scammers are looking for ways to scam customers affected by the FTX crash who are looking for ways to recover losses.. To do this, they even created a website purporting to be run by the US State Department and working on asset recovery for FTX clients.

Earlier, a group of U.S. senators wrote an open letter to parent company Silvergate Bank and asked for further clarification about its role in managing the funds of the collapsed FTX crypto exchange.