Hackers demand bitcoin ransom from Chinese electric car maker NIO

The database of buyers of the Chinese manufacturer of electric vehicles fell into the hands of unknown people who are demanding $ 2.25 million in cryptocurrency from the company for non-disclosure of confidential information. NIO Confirms Blackmail Incident by Hackers and Says Hackers Demand Bitcoin Ransom. The company says that the attackers managed to get access to data until August 2021, which the staff “deeply regrets and is doing everything possible to support their users.” The company released a statement related to the incident, provided a dedicated hotline and email address to respond to customer inquiries about the data breach.. The company also took responsibility for the losses that users may incur due to the leak. NIO said in a statement that the company has sought government assistance to investigate the incident and has taken steps to mitigate potential damage. In November, major Canadian crypto exchange Coinsquare informed users of a “data incident” in which “an unauthorized third party gained access to a customer database containing personal information.”. The exchange assured clients that all user assets are safe, and attackers did not have time to use the stolen data.