Hackers Hacked Robinhood Social Media to Promote Scam Token

Robinhood's Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook social media accounts were hacked to promote the fake $RBH token previously launched on Binance Smart Chain.

Hacker Used Unauthorized Access to Robinhood Accounts to Promote $RBH Token Offering to Over a Million Subscribers. Robinhood confirmed the incident, adding that posts on all of its social media accounts were promptly deleted.

“We are aware of unauthorized posts on Robinhood’s Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook profiles.. They were removed some time after posting.. Based on our ongoing investigation, we believe that a third-party scammer was the source of the incident,” according to the Robinhood official page.

Analytics published by popular Internet sleuth ZackXBT on the address associated with the $RBH token shows that scammers were able to get hold of 27 BNB tokens worth about $8,200. ZackXBT noted that the wallet has been listed on the Binance exchange.

In a response message, the Binance security team notified the community that the compromised account was suspended and prepared to investigate the fraud.

Earlier, Robinhood announced the end of support for Bitcoin SV from January 25. This decision was made after the next evaluation of the crypto assets offered to users on the online platform.