In Germany, a new Trojan for crypto applications “The Godfather” was discovered

The German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) has issued an official warning about the new Godfather malware that collects user data in banking and cryptocurrency applications.. BaFin said the program targets more than 400 applications operating not only in Germany, but throughout the world.. The principle of operation of the “Godfather” is straightforward – the program imitates the websites of banking and cryptocurrency applications, stealing user data at the time of entry. Moreover, the software can send push notifications to receive two-factor authentication codes.. BaFin experts are trying to figure out how the malware gets on users' devices. Experts discovered the Trojan back in 2021, but then the program was unfinished. For the first time, an improved and completely finished build of The Godfather was discovered in December – on Android devices. The program was aimed at users from 16 countries. The trojan mainly targets US banking applications and 110 cryptocurrency exchange platforms, as well as 94 crypto wallets. Previously, blockchain security company CertiK reported that the new year saw a significant increase in the rate of fraud and hacks in the cryptocurrency industry as the industry becomes more popular.