Truecaller: Phone scammers have become more active in defrauding crypto investors

Criminals are actively monitoring the changing situation in the cryptocurrency industry in order to develop new schemes to deceive investors. Clayton LiaBraaten, senior executive adviser at phone security company Truecaller, said professional phone scammers have targeted cryptocurrencies following the FTX default. According to him, market conditions are the best suited for deceiving people.. When the market is volatile, attackers launch millions of phone bots that call and write to users. Criminals try to use fear and investor attention to the industry to steal money. The most popular scheme is a call allegedly from the technical support of a large crypto exchange and the use of all available information about the user in order to lure data about crypto wallets or accounts. LeaBraaten says the current time is perfect for this kind of activity, with people posting an alarming amount of information about themselves on social media. “Scammers use utilities to collect and structure a lot of information about people. These charts are very easy to build and start targeting specific people.. The current conditions make it possible to collect a lot of material for social engineering, especially against the younger generation,” the expert says. Previously, blockchain security company SlowMist published a report in which it presented data on phishing attacks on cryptocurrency wallets over the past few months.