User demands half a million dollars from OpenSea to block account

A user of the platform for the issuance and trading of NFT OpenSea, who suffered from phishing, filed a lawsuit against the site for a three-month blocking of his account, as a result of which he suffered $500,000 in damages.

Robbie Acres, who used the services of OpenSea, reported that he had previously been subjected to a phishing attack, due to which he lost several collection tokens. He immediately reported this to the administration of OpenSea, but after that he faced many difficulties.. According to Akres, he received a response from tech support after more than 48 hours.. By that time, the stolen tokens had already been sold at a discounted price.. Then the trading platform completely blocked his account in order to protect against further losses.. However, these were completely different actions that the victim expected from the platform.

OpenSea client claims that the site held his crypto assets for more than three months, despite repeated requests to unlock the account. According to the user's calculations, his losses from intentional or unforeseen actions of OpenSea are about $500,000. Akres claims that OpenSea should compensate him for these significant financial losses, so the user turned to lawyers for help.

Akres lawyer Enrico Schaefer said that this is no longer an isolated case.. He happened to protect the interests of several people whose NFTs were stolen or their OpenSea accounts were hacked.. In some cases, OpenSea admits its mistakes and makes concessions to its customers.. But it happens that the platform simply ignores the problem.

“OpenSea needs to focus on its customers, the people who buy and sell NFTs, and not be blinded by dollars and the gross return of investors,” the lawyer rages.

Representatives of the defendant claim that the theft of tokens from Akres occurred outside of OpenSea, and the crypto assets were sold before the platform learned about the incident. Upon receiving the notification, the OpenSea team immediately took action and suspended the user's account. And in general: OpenSea invests in tools to help prevent transactions with stolen digital items.

Last August, OpenSea updated its policy on stolen tokens, and in November introduced a special system for tracking and blocking them.