BingX Users Grow 350% in 2022

Crypto exchange BingX reported an increase in the number of users of the platform by more than 350% last year and an increase in trading volume by 280% year on year.

BingX, one of the first crypto platforms to implement social trading tools, has amassed over 8,000 professional traders with approximately 4 million subscribers and executed 130 million copy trading orders last year.

Despite the current overall market downturn, BingX has seen steady growth, according to the platform.. In 2022, BingX expanded its workforce by 200 people by hiring employees in the marketing, development, client management departments at its offices in Germany, South Korea, Turkey, Japan, Vietnam, Russia, and Spain.

In the second half of 2022, BingX announced its strategic transformation from a leading social trading platform to a leading crypto exchange.. The mission of the company is to provide a reliable and transparent service for users, to make cryptocurrency accessible to everyone.

BingX launched a number of new products in 2022, including signal trading, copy trading risk vouchers, futures grid trading, and the Infinity Grid robot. After the FTX crash, BingX voluntarily passed the Mazars audit and published the Proof-Of-Reserves report. To prevent potential public crises and help affected investors during this difficult time, BingX has established a special $5 million relief fund to help all partners affected by the FTX collapse.. In the same month, BingX announced the creation of a $10 million charitable fund for humanitarian events, which will go towards donations to charities, public welfare activities, and disaster relief around the world.

BingX also continued its global expansion, the platform website launched in 7 more languages – Portuguese, German, Persian, Thai, Arabic, French and Italian. To date, BingX has built a million-strong community in over 150 countries speaking 13 languages. Verified traders can share analytics, technical tactics, and articles with followers on BingX Feed, a hybrid social and trading platform.

In November 2022, BingX sponsored and attended TOKEN2049 London, and jointly organized a large Blockchain Cocktail Party with Sumsub and Chainup to further share information. Fans from all over the world were invited to watch and celebrate the 2022 FIFA World Cup with BingX.

“2022 has been a tough year for everyone. For many, life has changed, but hope remains unchanged.. We should be proud to have gone through this. Despite all the difficulties, we show perseverance and unity, and as a result, we maintain stability. This is our biggest victory in 2022. Ahead of change, BingX is rolling up its sleeves to new challenges and continues to grow exponentially. BingX will aim to become the leading crypto exchange for the recovery of the global economy,” said BingX Vice President Hasan Bracic.

In 2023, BingX will work on a sophisticated trading ecosystem with the best growth paths for traders. The closed loop of the strategic copy trading function will also be completed. And BingX will continue to strategically expand its workforce to strengthen its international positioning as one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges.