Bitcoin for a million dollars: the top 10 boldest cryptooptimists

A circle of authoritative experts has formed around cryptocurrencies over the 15 years of their existence, who hopefully (often excessively) make predictions of the future. Let’s focus on the boldest ones.

Tim Draper

Tim Draper is a US venture capital legend, co-founder of Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ), billionaire and incorrigible crypto-optimist. Has been an active fan of the blockchain industry since its inception. The financier declared his support for Bitcoin quite early, in 2013, not only in word but also in deed – he purchased 30000 BTC in 2014 for $19 million (now worth $935.5 million). In addition to monetary investments, he has spent a lot of effort to promote the crypto-industry, actively participating in the promotion of the first ICOs, in particular the Tezos coin. He
He explained his involvement this way: 

“I really believe: over time, some of these tokens will improve the world. And want to make sure tokens get proper promotion/attention. I think Tezos is one of those tokens.”

According to the businessman, most of his competitors couldn’t invest in ICOs at first because their investor agreements prohibited such risky and obscure investments. And Draper was concerned in advance that his company’s contracts might well allow for this sort of thing.

Tim Draper has never been short on bold predictions about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies – in 2018 he stated: 


“Five years from now, you’ll try to buy coffee with fiat currency and you’ll be laughed at because you’re not using cryptocurrency.” 

Regarding the price of BTC, the billionaire was equally bold: first predicting that the coin would be worth $250,000 by 2023, and now he’s just moved the date to 2025. He didn’t expect bureaucrats in the US to be so aggressive about Bitcoin, he said.

Michael Novogratz

Michael Novogratz, head of blockchain company Galahu Digital, doesn’t make astronomical predictions about bitcoin’s growth, but he still manages to combine optimism and sober calculation. More recently, he has expressed confidence that BTC will still manage to rise to $40,000  (if the SEC’s actions are favorable to it).. Michael Novogratz is confident that amid the problems plaguing fiat currencies (primarily the U.S. dollar), Bitcoin’s finest hour will surely come.

Michael Saylor

Bitcoin maximalist Michael J. Saylor), on the other hand, is not stingy in his predictions. His fresh prediction about Bitcoin’s price sounds simple and satisfying: 


“The next logical step would be to increase the price tenfold, and then tenfold more. Eventually, I’m sure cryptocurrency exchanges will come to their senses and realize: bitcoin really is the dominant asset.” 

The businessman’s company MicroStrategy is steadily and confidently investing in BTC, guided by the credo: “In any unclear situation, buy Bitcoin”.

Arthur Hayes

Author of unusual predictions. Ex-head of the BitMex exchange Arthur Hayes has predicted Bitcoin’s imminent success (his prediction of the value of BTC in a few years: $760,000), explaining it with a curious reason. Artificial intelligence will spread its shoulders and stop trusting fiat currencies, which depend on the will of unpredictable human organisms.. Bitcoin against their background looks like a much more reliable instrument, which is based on a clear and predictable algorithm. The bottom line is that Bitcoin will become an AI currency and that will provide BTC with crazy growth.

Robert Kiyosaki

Renowned American entrepreneur and author Robert Kiyosaki has never hidden his sympathies for Bitcoin. The author of the bestseller “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” has been predicting the collapse of traditional financial institutions and a colossal rise in the value of BTC for many years now. He believes the value of a single bitcoin will rise to half a million dollars by 2025: 


“There’s a giant crash coming.. Possible depression. The Fed has been forced to print billions of fake money. By 2025, gold at $5,000, silver at $500 and bitcoin at $500,000. Why? Because faith in US dollars, counterfeit money, will be destroyed. Gold and silver are the money of the gods. Bitcoin is a dollar for the people.”

Elon Musk
We decided to include eccentric entrepreneur Elon Musk on the list not for his strange attachment to DogeCoin, but because, judging by his words and actions, the billionaire quite believes in the value of Bitcoin. He invested millions of dollars in BTC, promising that his company Tesla would accept payment in BTC (but then the businessman changed his mind).
It seems his Musk enthusiasm waned somewhat when he started talking about the environmental damage of mining. However, experience shows that public statements often have a double bottom and who knows, maybe the richest man on earth still patronizes DogeCoin and believes in cryptocurrencies. And the controversial tweets only increase user interest in Bitcoin.

John McAfee

John McAfee, an American programmer and entrepreneur and another eccentric legend of our time, left a significant mark on the world of cryptocurrencies during his lifetime. He prophesied a great future for them. The businessman predicted that half of the population should have started using cryptocurrencies by today. In 2017, he promised BTC’s rise to a million dollars by the exact date: December 31, 2020. The key to success was supposed to be the limited issuance of BTC, which has the potential to turn the asset into a highly sought-after asset. However, McAfee then abruptly retracted his prediction: 

“Only an idiot would believe that bitcoin could be worth $1 million.” 

The entrepreneur then lamented Bitcoin’s technical inferiority compared to the new altcoins, shifting his faith to them. Judging from numerous interviews, McAfee’s passion for technologies that maximize human freedom and protect personal boundaries was clear.

Jameson Lopp

American cypherpunk and computer programmer Jameson Lopp is known for his unabashed optimism about Bitcoin. He, too, distinguished himself with a bold forecast: he expected growth to $250,000 by 2020. It didn’t happen, but now Lopp is often included in lists of the most successful crypto traders and the most adequate market analysts;

Katherine Wood

Catherine Wood, an American investor and founder of the successful ARK Invest, has long earned a reputation for being a serious market analyst. Her forecast for Bitcoin is $1 million, and the expert sticks to it despite the fact that the conjuncture sometimes gives opposite signals. The main argument: no matter what, Bitcoin is the main antidote to the current problems plaguing the financial system, and therefore despite short-term fluctuations, the cryptocurrency looks more favorable in the long run compared to fiat competitors. Because, rising to the coveted million is only a matter of time.

Nayib Bukele

Nayib Bukele, a politician and president of El Salvador, has become quite a well-known figure in the crypto industry for legalizing Bitcoin in his state and giving the first cryptocurrency legal tender status. Mr. President made our list of crypto-optimists for doing his best to promote cryptocurrencies for a person in such a high office. Bukele put the welfare of an entire country on the line by trusting Bitcoin. And so far, the trust has been justified;

Despite a conflict with the IMF, which many feared, and skeptics’ predictions that El Salvador would default at the beginning of the year, the government managed to repay $800 million in foreign debt in 2023. Of course, El Salvador is far from being a cryptocurrency paradise just yet. But there is movement in the right one, not least because of people who believe in “the gamble” that is being taken.


Despite differences in the boldness of their predictions, crypto-optimists are united in their belief in the superiority of Bitcoin and some altcoins over traditional currencies. Typically, the predictions of such personas are simply an estimate of how significant the superiority of BTC is. And in defense of their accurate numbers, crypto-optimists can always say that governments are putting sticks in the industry’s wheels out of fear of a global financial paradigm shift, so it’s time to temper their predictions. In general, the idea of BTC rate growth among most of the enthusiasts represented is related to its nature, different from state fiat money: limited and predictable issuance, absence of monopoly participants controlling issuance and circulation, and growing demand for BTC.

We recently compiled a hit parade of crypto pessimists, where we placed the most curious cryptoskeptics. The rosiest predictions sometimes need a counterweight – predictions of cryptocurrencies’ imminent depreciation and doubts about their usefulness to people. 

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