Tron Developers Will Change How Fees Are Calculated

The developers of the Tron network have proposed changing the size of transaction fees and making them dynamic, as many users complain about high transaction costs.

In December last year, the developers changed the algorithms for calculating commissions, as a result of which the cost of energy (ENERGY) increased from 280 Sun to 420 Sun. After that, quite large-scale failures were recorded during transactions with stablecoins and tokens.. As a result of the surge in activity, commissions have grown markedly and still remain high.. So, at the moment, for a transaction with the USDC stablecoin, the commission is about 14 TRX ($0.92).

Therefore, in early February, the developers proposed to change the entire commission calculation model and make it dynamic.. The idea was supported, and shortly after that, the popular Trust Wallet suspended work with TRC-20 USDT tokens.

Recall that the Tron network uses two resources to pay fees – ENERGY and BANDWIDTH. The first is needed to pay for transactions with smart contracts, for example, when transferring USDT stablecoins. It can be obtained by staking TRX, or a certain amount of TRX coins will be burned during the transaction. BANDWIDTH is used for any transactions, but is replenished periodically. Thus, if you use your TRX for staking, you can make transactions for free.

Earlier, Huobi, a major cryptocurrency exchange, announced support for USDT stablecoins of the TRC-20 standard.