Monica Long: “Crypto winter is not an obstacle to scaling Ripple’s business”

The president of Ripple since 2022, the former general manager of RippleX’s special blockchain development division, spoke about the company’s growth, which is happening despite the general contraction of the cryptocurrency market.

Monica Long stated that she received the promotion at a very good time for Ripple:

“This work is related to the continued scaling. We have been through many crypto winters and this time ended the year with record business and customer growth.”

The President assures that in the current circumstances he continues to expand the team:

“Most of my career has been in the cryptocurrency industry, and more importantly, Ripple. It is a great honor for me to continue serving as President. Thanks to Brad Garlinghouse and Chris Larsen for the opportunity.”

Prior to the appointment of Monica Long, the role of President Ripple was rather blurred.. This role was attributed at various times to one of the founders of the company, Brad Garlinghouse (Grag Garlinghouse) or Chris Larsen (Khris Larsen).

Recently, Brad Garlinghouse said that the company's litigation with the US regulator SEC should be completed in a few months.