Optimism and Arbitrum have become more popular than the main network of Ethereum

The second layer solutions Optimism and Arbitrum for the Ethereum network continue to gain popularity – the total number of transactions in these side chains exceeded that in the main network. A noticeable increase in the number of transactions in the Arbitrum and Optimism networks has been recorded for three consecutive months. At the same time, the situation with Ethereum is the opposite – since last October, the average daily number of processed transactions has decreased by a third. According to Dune Analytics, on January 10, the Ethereum main network processed 1.06 million transactions, while the total number of transactions in the Arbiturm and Optimism networks was 1.12 million.. Among the two competing solutions of the second level, the Optimism network took the lead – it continues to grow steadily since last September, which allowed it to bypass Arbitrum in terms of the number of transactions. Analyst site L2beat also reports that Ethereum’s second layer solutions have been processing more transactions than the main network since last October.. The throughput of the main network is about 12 transactions per second (TPS), and the total throughput of the second layer solutions reaches 16.5 TPS. Earlier it was reported that in recent months, the activity of developers in the crypto-currency field has significantly decreased.. However, this did not affect the developers of the Arbitrum solution.