The Binance exchange announced a partial suspension of the Convert service.

The world's largest crypto exchange announced planned maintenance of the Binance Convert service and temporary cessation of service for 15 trading pairs.

The trading platform team clarified that on February 28 it will temporarily stop access to trading pairs on Binance Convert, including: WBNB-BNB, WETH-ETH, GXS-REI, BTTOLD-BTTC, TRXOLD-TRX, STGOLD-STG, RDNTOLD-RDNT, QUICKOLD- QUICK, AVAOLD-AVA, OPUSDCE-USDC, MATICUSDCE-USDC, ARBUSDCE-USDC, TUSDOLD-TUSD, PAX-USDP and BUSD-FDUSD.

The company explained: the main goal of the upcoming work will be “improving system performance and stability.”

It is promised that scheduled maintenance of the system will take about two hours. Users will be able to resume trading the above pairs on Binance Convert only after completing the procedure. At the same time, Convert clients will be able to continue trading with other trading pairs that are not included in the list of restrictions during system maintenance.

Earlier, the Binance administration announced a temporary cessation of trading operations in pairs with the Nigerian naira amid the efforts of the Nigerian government to overcome the financial crisis and protect the foreign exchange market.