The TON community will vote on the fate of inactive addresses with Toncoin

The TON network community has called on validators to vote on further actions regarding inactive addresses in order to optimize the tokenomics of the project.

In December, the TON community called on the first Toncoin miners to activate their addresses by the end of 2022.. As of January 23rd, of the 204 inactive addresses identified by the community, 194 are still inactive, holding a total of 1,081,425,847 TON. These addresses were used to receive Toncoin directly from Proof-of-Work (PoW) smart contracts, all this time they remain inactive, and not a single outgoing transfer was sent from them in the entire history of transactions.

Community members believe that access to these inactive addresses may have been lost, however, the presence of “frozen” Toncoins sows uncertainty among network participants due to a lack of transparency. Therefore, network validators were asked to vote on a proposal to optimize the tokenomics of the project, according to which these “frozen” addresses will be able to remain inactive for a certain period of time.. Users have come to an agreement, setting a timeframe of 48 months, which they believe will be sufficient for the TON ecosystem to flourish and for users who may not be aware of these community discussions.

A minimum of 75% validator votes in two consecutive rounds will be required for the proposal to go into effect.. Owners of inactive addresses can activate them at any time before the end of voting, which will begin on February 21, 2023. Addresses that have not received Toncoin directly from Proof-of-Work smart contracts and have not had outgoing transactions in the past will not be affected.

Recall that in the spring of last year, the owners of the Telegram messenger launched cryptocurrency payments in TON through the unofficial bot Telegram Wallet.