Forbes magazine's 'luxury estate' appears in the Sandbox metaverse

One of the most famous magazines in the world, Forbes, decided to open a “permanent representative office” in the universe of The Sandbox. He launched his own estate with a swimming pool.

The Forbes estate, located west of “Dracula's Castle” and slightly north of “HODL Island” in the virtual world, is constantly open to the public. It should encourage visitors to communicate and explore:

“The space includes a luxurious swimming pool, an elegant bar and an expansive gallery dedicated to our 2024 Under 30 Person of the Year Award winners. Every design element has been carefully considered to create an engaging visual environment that encourages exploration and interaction,” the press release emphasizes.

There are also many QR codes hidden throughout the estate, using which visitors can access exclusive content.

Representative offices of many companies and organizations have opened in The Sandbox metaverse. Last year, McDonald's Hong Kong branch celebrated its 40th anniversary in the metaverse.