Polygon and Mastercard launch program for emerging musicians

Payment operator Mastercard announced the launch of an accelerator program on the Polygon blockchain for musicians. Mastercard Artist Accelerator Program to Help Aspiring Artists Build Careers Through Web3.

The launch is promised in the spring – Mastercard will select several musicians, they will be assigned mentors who will help the artists create their own music brand.

“Musicians will be able to get exclusive access to special events, music releases and more. The program will include learning how to own your brand using Web3, from creating an NFT and representing yourself in the metaverse to developing an engaged community,” the announcement reads.

Mastercard is also going to release a collection of non-fungible Mastercard Music Pass tokens – especially for program participants. At the end of the program, an exhibition should take place, where the company will present the results of the artists' work on the air.

According to Polygon Studios CEO Ryan Wyatt, Web3 has great potential to empower a new breed of artist. They can create, build a fan base and make money in new ways.

Earlier, Polygon developers announced the launch of the second test network with support for zkEVM technology. It is reported that the next step should be to launch the main network of the project with support for zkEVM.